make the world work for 100% humanity...

The World Game is a comprehensive visioning program established by Buckminster Fuller beginning in the 1960s. It was so important to him that he christened his world headquarters the ‘World Resources Inventory: Human Trends and Needs’ regarding its critical connection to World Game. The goal of World Game is to “make the world work for 100% of humanity without ecological offence or disadvantage to anyone in the shortest possible time.” As Fuller further said, it is humanity that loses if we do not play the World Game.

‘World’ is important, meaning comprehensively examining, with accuracy, all of humanity’s processes and the relationships – synergies – therein. Critical to World Game is visualizing the most data from the entire world. Fuller utilized his own projection – the Dymaxion map, which was plotted on an icosahedron and is therefore (still) the most accurate size-relative flat map of the earth in existence – to physically plot data points on with pins, markers, etc. This data had to be gathered and plotted manually.

‘Game’ is important, meaning that, lightheartedly, anyone can participate. It is a game like children play. Indeed, we should be emulating the much-more-inventive-than-us outsider children.

World Game has an all encompassing goal which is progressed through via an all encompassing process: all data, all solutions, all people.

The goal of World Game continues to be highly relevant today. The capacities to execute – with all data, with all solutions, and with all people – a World Game have accelerated. We now have a tremendous amount of tools to come up with synergetic solutions between people in unexpected ways with less input effort spent plotting, visualizing, and so on. These tools exist in plurality.

Buckminster Fuller originally envisioned World Game as a series of workshops – static sessions – the information captured from which were compiled. In light of expanding tools, we can fill the requirements of World Game in a reimagined, 21st-century way. We can fill the comprehensive and diverse requirements of World Game through many comprehensive and diverse programs, which all may be accomplished through differing means suited to each idea-turned-project but through which we can make the world work for 100% of humanity.

Nearly all of my activities can somehow be counted towards the all encompassing goal of the World Game. Some projects I envision to mirror Fuller’s original workshop, synergetic, people-bringing-together thinking in that they will develop materials, systems and platforms to accelerate the overall trending of diverse activities to reach the World Game goal. Such projects are my own such methods of experimental workshop organization, idea prototyping prompting, crowdsource knowledge gathering and idea connection, etc. These may constitute different projects and organizations, but part of my reason for developing them are to spiritually continue Fuller’s vision for World Game. As such, they are integrated here. I hope to amend the isolated projects with further information documenting my vision for them to fit into World Game.

If anyone else is considering embarking on such humanity-improving World Game activities, I strongly recommend exploration in two primary areas, which I consider to be humanity’s currently most-pressing problems: 1) Education, as our manifest systems demonstrably dull the majority genius population, and 2) Construction, as housing cost is ballooning and mandating people be increasingly focused on simply providing for themselves rather than thinking beyond their basic necessities. Further exploration of these ideas may be found in many of my other materials.