Cole Webber

7670 — non-local forwardly (syntropy = god)

I believe that Syntropy is essentially God.
Human beings can see entropy.
They heat a glass of tea and it is no longer hot.
They build a monument and it is crumbled by erosion and sand.
This has been true since Ancient times.
The other side of this is the verifiable reality,
which human beings have only had the capability to see —
since it is only present non-locally —
in at best the last 150 years.
That is that the heat that appears to be lost
is not last;
the monument that appears to have crumbled
has not crumbled,
that is
there is no destruction,
only recycling.
Even in the truest form of destruction,
the destruction of an atom,
matter is converted to energy,
of which the running sum total
is always absolute and always the same.
In the small term,
meaning in any one local instant or one locale,
entropy is visible,
but entropy itself as a pattern
is forwardly and at higher order repatterned,
what is lost repurposed
often to make the exact forward syntropic investments.
The creatures that die are reabsorbed
into those that lived at a higher standard,
to continue the cycle,
the end result being
acceleratedly increasing consciousness and advantage.
A pronoia
of syntropically merging
forwardly progressing regeneration
has only been possible to be observed when all locales were linked —
not just on Earth but the locale of the Universe,
as well as the interchangeable equivalence of energy-mass.
Anytime previous to 1905
an always trending of ‘it will all work out’
was never observed locally
and though large-scale suspected and apprehended by some
could only be taken on faith.
It is no longer faith but a scientific reality.

— cole