Cole Webber

7648 — Not selfishly, not stupidly, but smally

We’re in the terrible present reality where the world is being run by people who define wealth as power. This converts it not to advantage strictly speaking, but to advantage over someone else. Wealth has never been anything but purely technological, therefore completely metaphysical pattern-only and therefore recycling-abled forwardly regenerative and ever expanding. The physical resources remain constant, our knowledge what to do with them always increases, ergo our advantage (wealth) can only increase. We shrink from what we know can be done to what we choose to do. This is the simple reason why economics — from Communism to Capitalist — has been misconstrued, mislabelled, mis-enacted and misrepresented as a ‘zero sum game’ on all phases of the spectrum: never for an economic, technological, or therefore even real reason, but a strictly psychological one — in fact a very rare relative to the total human population psychological misstep. The majority of people are always looking for a win win. World War 1 had to be reshuffled as soon as the soldiers actually started talking, because if the 99% are free to communicate they will quickly and inevitably put down arms because they are looking for a win-win. It is often remarked that many psychopaths are leaders and CEOs because they are ‘good at it’. They are not at all good at it: they are less good at it than a random person picked off of the street, and their continued misunderstanding of the complexities and potentials drives us deeper and deeper off the cliff. Often, they don’t even benefit from their own mistakes. They time and again bankrupt their own countries, their own companies, their own estates, and destroy their own legacies and plans. The psychopath is petulantly impulsive, short sighted and self centred, which are not traits possible of growing success anywhere. They only temporarily bully, allowing them to temporarily steal. But what they steal is still stolen, and always leaves a repercussion. They have not added real value: they have not added to the economy at all. Humans — and our chief gift, technology — are inherently collaborative. Eventually that strategy shoots the weilder in the foot, every time. They are not strictly ‘screwing us over’ to get better, and yet they are not simply too stupid to see what they are doing either. They are horribly, horribly wrong in their fundamental view of the most basic human concepts: interaction, advantage, growth. They are only good at appearing to be what we in the public have labelled as ‘good at business’, which is a media sham and as much a sham of our own buying in. They would rather have $500 and you $0 than you each have $1000, and they are pursuing all of their economic policies to this effect. I feel bad for them, because I can hardly call it selfish — they are actually forfeiting a better world which they could have for themselves — but rather it is petty. How small of a person do you have to be to think like that? We are being led by the least of us, not selfishly, not stupidly but smally.

— cole