Cole Webber

7646 — Leaf blower

I figured that I would start to understand more and more things as I get older. I understand less and less and less, and realize just how less I understand. Case in point profoundly this morning. Leaf blowers and leafs. Now, it may be good to have a leaf blower around, for creating amateur hovercrafts and the like, but why is it ever necessary for its regular intended purpose? This morning the cool summer breeze coming straight through my apartment windows is interrupted by the absolutely unbearable elephant roaring of a fucking leaf blower! The leaves are not even out yet, let alone to fall and need blowing away. I looked and the person doing it is blowing away pine needles from a strip of pavement. Why is this so important to do? Especially at 9:00 in the morning? My dad used to do it and I did not understand it then. Why spend your time subverting perfectly good nature? I think that the desire to work is a human thing, and we keep inventing stuff for us to do that we know is pointless. At the very best, the needles just blow themselves back in. At the very worst and very true, you got rid of something beautiful — beautiful that was supposed to be there.

— cole