Cole Webber

7535 – Free Writing (Journal) Jan 2 2020

If I really want to help people, believing that I can’t isn’t going to help anybody.

The problem with the world is perhaps not that the incompetent are so full of confidence, and the able so full of doubts, but that the uncaring are so unlimited in their actions, and so full of confidence, and the caring are so full of doubts. Anybody who wonders with distress if they are doing the right thing, if they are a good person, is: if they were a psychopath, they wouldn’t care.

The most successful people and organizations in history don’t allow their resources to define their missions: they define what they’re going to do, and mobilize resources to that end. People don’t live in or out of their means; they build (more accurately, being in-flow, mobilize) their means by defining how they will live.

Debt is not real; money is not real. Being both unreal, debt is perhaps even less real than money. They are both agreements, but debt is an agreement that in fact can be renegotiated in light of expanding circumstances. Its accounts can be renamed and resettled between two parties — borrower and lender — not between the total economy (as would be the sum-total ‘negotiations’ of interest rates, stock prices, inflation, and so forth).

There is a difference between debts and it is far too often demonized in society: credit card debt, at high rates and compound interest, is obviously bad debt: they give it to everyone. But for business debt, the banks have to think about it; and think about this: when it is good for the banks, do they show any hesitation in doing it? No. If they are trying to keep it from you, it is good for you. If it was good for them, they would give it to everybody.

Think logically: in which cases will it work out? In which cases will it not? Cases for working out forwardly are, further, always augmented by your thought at the case-time: the number is always bigger than what you can think, now. So take your present prediction, and increase the chances it will work out in the future, given the interim thought time. These are the real chances.

— cole