Cole Webber

7607 — What was the purpose of the editor?

We didn’t have editor until the last few hundred years, or, only around 4% of the time of having written language in recorded human history, and therefore having the potentiality of books, articles, printed materials and the like. And then, when they did come about, what was the purpose of the editor? To get the writer’s word count to fit in the slot marked for publication, for instance, in the newspaper’s column-inch. To fit words into limited space. While, do we have limited space now, especially on an online medium? The information equivalent of ten million words, more than any single human being has written in their cumulative life, could be stored in the weight of a few grains of sand on the shared storage of a server, and, therefore, made available for at-demand searching and indexing by all; not in-their-face, but on demand and to them, when they wanted it. I think we need more of these real, honest, true, unfiltered words.

— cole