Cole Webber

7602 — The homey prison

We’re building the whole world into a prison. If you were to commit a crime, you get sent back to your little space. Well now we all have our own little spaces, where it’s too expensive to leave but still expensive to stay. We have to pay for our little spaces, or pay a greater premium to go out, to sit, to enjoy things. How in the hell can land be owned? It all comes down to building techniques. Once you can own things, you have to have a place to put and secure those owned things. Up until now, that place has been fixed, has been a pile of bricks — stones — stacked on top of each other to prevent break ins and move outs, unauthorized. If we could instead build vessels that each person could own, having the easy ability to pick it up like a sheet of paper, a notebook and a pen, and go somewhere else, we might finally set the land free. I hate when I write like other people.

— cole